Chicago Set Dance Weekend

  Due to strong interest, early registration is recommended!

      Advance Registration                                                                         $US       

                      Full Weekend (Does not include Saturday lunch)                                              80         

                                                 (must be postmarked by 8 September 2018, otherwise full weekend price $95)          

     Individual Events

                      Friday Ceili                                                                                i         20

                      Saturday morning workshop                                                                 15

                      Saturday afternoon workshop                                                               20

                      Saturday night ceili                                                                 i            20

                      Sunday workshop                                                                                15

                      Sunday ceili                                                                                        10


                      Sunday Package (workshop and ceili)                                        i           20

                   Saturday Buffet Lunch                                                                   10

                          (not included in Full Weekend Registration, pre-registration essential)

                          Non US residents, contact Dan Cahill at for rates in other currencies.

                          For Printable Form                                                                                           Mail registration to:

                          Click Below

                                                                                                                                               Dan Cahill

                                                                                                                                               2730 E. Bonnie Brook Ln.

                                                                                                                                               Waukegan, IL 60087  USA

                                                                                                                                            contact us at